You Can Choose Routines AND Awareness


Remarkable routines allow you to get more done with your time. You can judge their efficiency by the sheer fact that you don’t have to overthink them; you just move through them with a sense of ease. Routines support your lifestyle and your dreams. They also nourish your spirit. If you find yourself struggling with […]

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Because You Can’t Go Back to the Old You

Lady in the Windo by Edwin Georgi

When I talk to a client that has been through an incredibly challenging time, the first thing they tell me they desire is to go back to who they used to be – or living the way things were. When we are dealing with pain or simply wake-up and realize we’ve been living on auto-pilot, […]

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Because Self-Sabotage Is Fear

Murder at Arroways by Eddy Chan

Why, when we are on path to something that we deeply desire, do we get in our own way? Why, when we are making real progress towards our goals do we engage in self-sabotage? What is the deal? You know what I mean: We set a goal to lose weight or get in shape. We […]

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The Power Getting Clear On Your Core Values


What are your core values? The first time I really understood that question, it gave me pause. Sure, I knew my values! I had inherited them, right along with my love of reading and my deep appreciation for fried okra. Hadn’t I? Of course, that was during the years that I played the constant part […]

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Set Your Priorities By Defining Your Roles

Writing Down Priorities (Art from 50's Esquire)

When we feel like something in our world needs to give, the natural tendency for most of us is to decide that EVERYTHING needs to CHANGE. NOW. The thing is, darling, it’s impossible to focus on everything at once. Despite the modern tendency to life through multitasking, doing so actually kills your ability to achieve […]

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Choosing to Make Time

Choosing to Make Time (Art: Coby Whitmore for Esquire)

Who has time to floss their teeth every day? Let alone use their electronic toothbrush for the allotted 2 minutes? And, honestly, who has the luxury of so much time that they actually remember to use sunscreen every day? And is there anyone out there – except maybe the rich and famous Housewives – who […]

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Setting Non-Negotiable Standards for Living

Edwin Georgi for Redbook

In order to live an extraordinary life that is filled with love and beauty, you have to set standards for the non-negotiable parts of your life. I touched on this a few weeks ago when I talked about compassionate discipline, but now comes the next step. Compassionate discipline helps us balance powerful living with beautiful […]

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A Perfectly Imperfect Ordinary Day

Perfectly Imperfect Ordinary Day  (Image: Vintage Pepsi Ad by Bob Levering - 1953)

I’d love to be able to tell you I’ve always been crystal clear on the direction of my life and my business, but that would be a lie. We all hit those crossroads where life is changing, and – even if we’ve chosen the changes – life can feel hazy. Sometimes, we try to hang […]

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Gain Clarity on Your Heart’s Desire


Before You Move to Paradise to Find Happiness Towards the end of 2014, I was blessed to spend almost two weeks in “paradise” (aka Hawaii). Though JB had to work, we did some exploring together and I woke daily to seeing the ocean outside our hotel window. Paradise is a glorious place. The air is […]

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The Art of Compassionate Discipline


Despite my love of logic and structure, I have the heart of a rebel. Some days, I look at my running to do list and though I know exactly what needs to be done, I drag my feet and suddenly decide that my office needs to be vacuumed or that we just won’t survive the […]

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