2012 Accomplishment Celebration!

H ello, Darling!  I’m all about making note and celebrating the big – and small – accomplishments in both our business and personal lives.  When Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013Pam Slim offered the opportunity to publicly share the accomplishments of those she’s worked with in 2012, I knew it was time to list them for not only myself, but for you!

Though I won’t detail all the personal accomplishments,  when you are self-employed, the lines of “personal accomplishments” and “business accomplishments” blur sometimes.  So, let’s get a big Whooo Hoo of celebration for what was accomplished at Debra Smouse Coaching in 2012:

I doubled the number of private one-on-one coaching clients in my practice.

There is no greater honor or pleasure than the opportunity to help both men and women release the way they “should” be living life and begin falling in love with their day-to-day lives.

Based on client feedback, I’m altering the packages I offer in 2013 with some year-long package offerings designed to provide a  HUNKS of Burning Love and support.

I created  and launched the 30 Days to Clarity family of eCourses. 

The curriculum in this series is  based around the concept of clearing clutter in our lives – physical, spiritual, and mental clutter – as a way to gain tons of clarity – and as a step on the path to creating a life to fall in love with.  I also wanted to create something that was not only effective but incredibly budget friendly.  At $29 for 30 Days of curriculum, I achieved the goal of providing powerful content  at a price most anyone could afford.

I’ll be offering all three of these programs again in 2013 – along with a fourth class based around clearing Soul Clutter. I’ll also be offering an all-access 2013 Clarity Season’s Pass – a way for folks to sign up for all 4 courses at once!

My vision of helping women release the vibrant, sexy being deep inside was created, launched and is in progress.

Make Your Inner Sex Kitten Roar  is a 12-month intimate coaching circle.  I wanted a small, intimate circle of women for this project as I believe that finding the way back to who were were always meant to can be done with love, trust and support.  I also know that when it comes time to be truthful and forthright with the challenges in our lives – especially those around our relationships – you need a tiny group of confidantes that you feel secure in being vulnerable with.

In 2012, I took some of my best advice and hired some help.

In the summer, I hired a wonderful gal to come every two weeks and clean the house so that I could focus on work instead of getting lost in the perfection of streak-free windows and the obliteration of all dust bunnies.  In other words, no excuses for using housework as a way to distract myself from writing.

In December of 2012, I hired the talented Elizabeth Rago to help me with a few hours a month of social media support.  My goal is for her to help me get some Tweets pre-loaded so that when I pop into Twitter, I can actually be social instead of focusing on creating tweets.

I took a Sabbatical in 2012

I spent a month in Europe in the spring.  The tulip fields in North Holland. Coffee in The Hague.  The best veggie sandwich ever in Bergen op Zoom.  I traveled by train across Europe, under the English Channel and later from London to Wales.

Why is this a business accomplishment? Because, darling, if you don’t take time to refresh and restore, then you are no good to your business.